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“Architects don’t just design buildings. We design systems that can work equitably for cities and regions. It’s natural for us to help government leaders tackle big challenges like infrastructure, public health, security, and the environment. We apply the same design methodology, but on a larger scale.”

—Julie Hiromoto, AIA, principal at HKS

Climate change & equity
Climate change affects us all but doesn't affect us all equally.
Emily Grandstaff-Rice, FAIA
“Architects have the professional knowledge to do better, and it’s our responsibility to have those conversations with clients.”
Climate change & community
Designing a sustainable future starts with designing a sustainable community.

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Public Service: Now is the time for mayors to hire a chief architect.
“Architects are the civic problem solvers you didn’t know that you needed,” said AIA President Kimberly Dowdell, AIA, NOMAC addressing the 2024 U.S Conferences of Mayors.  Ensuring expert, licensed architects
Increasing Equity in the Built Environment
Equitable design for the built environment holds the power to remove barriers and burdens, physical or abstract, empowering and enabling people to gather and connect, live, and function to their
Solutions for cities
Before AIA leaders arrived at the U.S. Conference of Mayors 91st Annual Meeting, AIA architects were already serving city leaders by addressing issues on sustainability and resilience in the built
Getting in the Resilience Zone
Many coastal clients have homes and businesses that maximize water views and ocean breezes, but as severe weather increases, architects must guide builders to prioritize design aimed at anticipating hazardous

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Courses that fight climate change
These AIAU-exclusive certificate programs and courses will help you achieve dramatic reductions in building carbon emissions.
AIA Climate Action Plan
Explore AIA’s multistep plan to establish actionable steps and provide architects with tools and resources to achieve zero carbon.
AIA Framework for Design Excellence
Understand the ten important measures you need to set meaningful project goals and targets for climate action.

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