Advocates speak out

Climate change & equity
Climate change effects us all but doesn't effect us all equally.
What we build must be inclusive
“Architecture is about solving social issues and finding social justice. We're designing for the environment and for people who are marginalized.”
Donna U. Hope
"Architects, engineers, urban policy planners, and building managers have all had to come together to reduce emissions from buildings."
Climate change & community
Designing a sustainable future starts with designing a sustainable community.
Brit Lindberg, AIA
"It takes every architect and every project working together to impact climate action on a global scale."
Betsy Del Monte, FAIA
"Climate change is our responsibility."
Jeffrey Raven, FAIA
“Architects have an incredibly important role in configuring urban districts.”
Emily Grandstaff-Rice, FAIA
“Architects have the professional knowledge to do better, and it’s our responsibility to have those conversations with clients.”
Emily Bauer
"Blueprint for Better is about how we comprehensively impact climate change through design."
Every day, every project
“The scale of the climate crisis affects everything. The need for action and concern by citizens and architects is critical.”
Greg Verabian, AIA
“Every year that goes by is a missed opportunity for architects to take action with the work they’re doing.”
Illya Azaroff, FAIA
"Architects have an incredible role to play in terms of carbon reduction, and how we build and retrofit buildings."
Jane Frederick, FAIA
“The climate crisis is the issue we have to deal with now. Don’t ask what will happen, be what happens.”
Jenine Kotob, AIA
"Architects can really start to transform the world so that buildings heal us from the world we live in."
Natasha Espada, AIA
“It’s vital for architects to be speaking about climate change. We need to be part of the solution and also come at the forefront of it.”
Sarah Curry, Assoc. AIA
“Solve the climate crisis any way that you can.”
Story Map
Browse inspiring projects across the U.S. that show architects making a difference in their communities.
Tim Hawk, FAIA
"Adapting buildings is the most sustainable thing we can do as architects. We should not have to tear down our buildings and put that material in a landfill."
Vishaan Chakrabarti, FAIA
“It’s not just about green buildings. It's also about green communities.”
AIA Film Challenge
Get inspired! View films about architects, civic leaders, and communities working together for a better future.