The EastPoint Project

The EastPoint Project on the northeast side of Oklahoma City is a reimagined outdoor mall given new life by the collaboration between the architects at Gardner, the developers at Pivot Project and the City of Oklahoma City. The east side of OKC has seen a lack of investment as a result of redlining and segregation that dates as far back as 1915. EastPoint aims to be a catalyst, to encourage public and private developers to invest in the east side, and to inspire the community to envision what the neighborhood could become by rebuilding, rehabilitating, and infilling empty lots. As a product of the partnership between Gardner, Pivot Project, the City of OKC, and the community of the east side, EastPoint hopes be the first of many new developments where ownership is a part of the leasing agreement, so that eastside business owners to have the opportunity to hold equity in the real estate to which they help give value.