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Communities and designers team up to revive storefronts across the US

By Kathleen M. O'Donnell Despite the shift toward big box stores and online retail giants leading into the 21st century, small businesses remain the cornerstone of many neighborhood blocks and main... Read more >

A new bell rings for affordable housing

By Kathleen M. O’Donnell When students walked out the doors of North Philadelphia’s Spring Garden School for the last time, many of them had no idea that their beloved school... Read more >

Design as a school security solution

By Katherine Flynn In the wake of mass shootings at US schools, architects are putting their unique skills to work, collaborating with administrators to prevent harm during tragic events. For... Read more >

Social justice through design

By Kathleen M. O’Donnell People around the world are subject to a broad range of injustices. Inequities in a community can be the result of systematic racism, classism, sexism, and... Read more >

Committing to sustainability can drive prosperity

By Kathleen M. O'Donnell Austin, Texas, is a shining example of how sustainability can contribute to the development and growth of a city. Through its Office of Sustainability and the... Read more >

Inclusive communities need to be designed that way

By Kathleen M. O’Donnell The various spaces that make up a city— from our schools and hospitals to government buildings and cultural institutions — all shape our way of life.... Read more >

Giving new life to historic buildings leads to happier, healthier cities

By Kathleen M. O’Donnell Almost every city in America has a historic building awaiting a rebirth. Whether it’s a 300-year-old church, a 19th century warehouse, or even a 1950’s gas... Read more >

How architects can help communities recover from disasters

By Steve Cimino When Hurricane Katrina made landfall in August of 2005, it quickly became a force unparalleled in the history of modern disasters. Roughly 850,000 homes were destroyed or... Read more >

Architects are part of the solution to Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis

By Steve Cimino The Skid Row neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles is perhaps the best-known homeless district in the country, the city’s social services and beautiful weather having made it... Read more >

Civic leaders look to architects for insight and inspiration at SXSW

By Catherine Gavin Mayors and architects share many similar qualities; they are generally optimists and visionaries whose work strives to create and support communities. Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson of Gary, Indiana,... Read more >